Lusiola Kaho

#97 - OL/DL

Ht: 5-8 Wt: 280 Age: 34

Reno, NV

Experience: 4th Year

Nickname: Lu, Lucy

School: Hug High

Favorite Sport: Volleyball, Basketball & Football

Favorite PLayer: Junior Seau & Russell Wilson

Favorite NFL/College Team: Nevada Storm

Who would you pick as your mentor? My sons

Favorite memory playing football: Getting to know each player on and off the field

Reason for wanting to play football: I was looking for an activity to help me get fit, lose weight and stay active. My cousin who was playing at the time introduced me to the workouts, so i joined. I continue to play because I want to show other Polynesian mothers out there that anythingis possible. Being Mormon and a mother of 5 beautiful blessings, I don't ever want my kids, especially my girls, to not participate in any sport because of thier gender. I have learned to love the game and the people I meet each year from all over. Women's semi-pro football has changed me for the better in so many ways, I am beyond grateful that my cousin introduced me to it.