Offensive Coordinator Chris Garza

Former DE/C/LB

Tulia, TX

Experience: 10 years

School: High School

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite Player: Ryan Shazier, Michael Crabtree, Antonio Brown

Favorite NFL/College Team: Texas Tech Red Raiders

Who would you pick as your mentor? Dyke Spikes/Mike Leach/Gus Malzahn

Favorite memory as a coach: Being a part of a 38 point deficit to come back and win. After our first half of football, my defense pulled together to shut out our opponent for 2 quarters. We then had another state first, 9 touchdowns in one game to overcome our opponent. We forced 2 fumbles after the half, and had 2 interceptions, one for 6 points. To see the player's faces, all of their hard work and effort paid off, is still burned in my memory to this day.

Reason for wanting to coach: I love football, and I love mentoring. I am just a coach, but love to show how to overcome situations, and teach life through football. I am just a coach who wants to change people's perspective, and changes/evolve teams to a winning culture. That's where the real challenge comes to light, and that's what I love about football. Most of all, my voice is: "We all have it in us, but who will rise to the occasion? How will you do that and be remembered?"