Brittany Wilkison-Delaney

#73 - OL

Ht: 5-7 Wt: 230 Age: 30

Yerington, NV

Experience: 3rd Year

Nickname: BMW, Pterdaktyl

School: Yerington High School

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

Favorite Player: Kerri Walch & Misty May

Favorite NFL/College Team: Nevada Storm

Who would you pick as your mentor? I  have to thank my current mentors Kathy Hawkins and Carrie Paolini, Kathy herd I had moved back to Lyon County 4 yrs ago and suggested I apply to be a parapro and sign for the school district. I did that till just last year when Carrie Paolini heard that a student was moving and going to need and interpreter. She contacted the school the student would be going to and said she knew of a good interpreter that she would recommend.

Favorite memory playing football: When going against the Sacramento Sirens #56 my rookie year. After the first few plays Machado said okay you know what its like to hit and get hit. So Let's Play!

Reason for wanting to play football: At the time when I tried out my husband had left me and I wanted something that would make me be active and knew a gal that my brothers and myself had grownup around and saw a post on her facebook. Both of my brothers played football in HIgh school, the coach kept asking my mom if she would let me play all 4 years of high school and she turned him down each year. So I've gotten the opportunity to play every since then, my mom hasn't liked the idea but she continues to support myself and the team. I just have to be sure on away game to call her and tell her if I'm okay and if there were any injuryies.
Love you Beverly and Dallas Wilkison. Thank You Jeromy Wilkison for coaching and helping me out when i had questions. Ya know its just a WILKISON THING!